Kitchen & Dining

Canister Coffee, Tea Milk Powder & Sugar Storage Set - 400 g

Rs 4,600.00

Ceramic Canister Coffee, Tea Milk Powder Sugar Set 1Kg

Rs 4,200.00

Oil Dispenser Kitchen Vinegar, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil

Rs 1,450.00

Spices Ceramic Jar Chilli, Curry Powder, Pepper, Salt Dry Chilli

Rs 1,100.00

White Liquid Chalk Marker For Glass Windows Chalkboard

Rs 220.00

Chalkboard Bottle Labels Waterproof 8 PCs

Rs 225.00Rs 270.00

Salt Ceramic Kitchen Storage Canister Bottle

Rs 750.00

Measuring Cup Spoons Set 8 Pcs Plastic

Rs 550.00Rs 650.00

Spice Bottle Ceramic Chili Powder, Dry Chili Salt 400 g

Rs 1,100.00

Stackable Interlock Glass Storage Bottle

Rs 2,500.00

Wooden Spoon for Nonstick Cookware

Rs 350.00

Ceramic Kitchen Utensils Holder

Rs 1,650.00

Cake Table Turn Rotating Round Cake Decorating 28 cm White

Rs 1,150.00

Mason Jar Drinking Glass Colorful lids with Straw Hole Lids

Rs 650.00

100pcs Disposable PE Gloves Cooking Hand Gloves

Rs 250.00Rs 300.00

Cream Scraper Cake Plastic Irregular Teeth 3PCS/Set

Rs 300.00

Glass Teapot With Filter Stainless Steel Infuser 750 ml

Rs 1,250.00

Multifunction Cheese Dessert Spreader Stainless Steel Butter Knife

Rs 240.00

Silicone Spoon Rest Pad Food Grade Utensils

Rs 350.00

Diamond Aluminum Foil Roll for Food Dessert Wrapping 25 Sq Ft

Rs 600.00Rs 790.00

Stainless Steel Utensil Holder 5 inch

Rs 800.00Rs 950.00

3 PCS Silicone Spatula Spoon Brush Set Cooking Utensil

Rs 500.00

Kitchen Roll Tissue Holder Easy Storage Tool

Rs 890.00Rs 1,250.00

Cake Non-stick Baking trays 3 Shapes

Rs 1,850.00

Large Silicone Fondant Mat Food Grade Non-Stick

Rs 1,550.00

8 PCs Stainless Steel Handle Measuring Cup & Spoon Set

Rs 960.00Rs 1,200.00

Silicone Kitchen Utensil Cake Icing Spatula

Rs 550.00

Piping Bag Silicone for Cake Icing Decorating

Rs 350.00

Cupcake Paper Liner Grease Proof 25 PCs

Rs 60.00

Medium Fondant Mat Silicone for Rolling

Rs 1,150.00

Liquid Soap Kitchen Dispenser Manual Pump

Rs 800.00

Disposable Icing Piping Bags 100PCs/set

Rs 450.00

Rectangular Microwave Plastic Food Lunch Box 10 PCs Pack

Rs 375.00Rs 400.00

Silicone Brush Oil For Cake Bread Butter Baking

Rs 490.00

Glass Bottle with Lid Food Large Storage 2.3 L

Rs 1,850.00Rs 2,200.00

Kitchen Rack Trash Bag Towel Pantry Holder

Rs 300.00Rs 660.00

Loaf Pan Rectangle Toast Bread Tray Cake 8 Inch

Rs 640.00Rs 950.00

Cutting Board Organic Bamboo Chopping with Juice Groove

Rs 1,350.00

Reusable Gas Stove Hob Cover Kitchen 4 PCs /Set

Rs 1,350.00Rs 1,500.00

Silicone Pot Holder Glove Pair Heat Resistant for Cooking

Rs 450.00Rs 750.00

Transparent Sealed Glass Bottle with Lid Food Storage

Rs 950.00

Garlic Lemon Press Squeezer Multi Function Hand Tool

Rs 1,550.00Rs 1,700.00

Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush

Rs 600.00

Wooden Turner for Nonstick Cookware, Spatula

Rs 350.00Rs 390.00

Portable Silicone Oil Bottle Brush for BBQ Grill

Rs 600.00

Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors Multipurpose

Rs 700.00

Stainless Steel Adjustable Wire Cake Cutter Slicer Leveler

Rs 560.00

Ice Cream Scoop Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets

Rs 550.00

Non-stick Pan Mini Milk Pot 11 cm / 500 ml

Rs 2,200.00

Non-stick Pan Mini Milk Pot 9 cm / 400 ml

Rs 2,450.00

Detachable Wooden Table Pot Holder

Rs 325.00

Flour Sieve Sifter Stainless Steel with Rotary Hand Crank 250 g

Rs 1,100.00

Refrigerator Egg Storage Box 12 Slot

Rs 400.00Rs 480.00

Towel Rack Hanging Holder Cupboard Hanger

Rs 390.00

300 ml Oil Dispenser Glass Bottle Home Kitchen Essential

Rs 850.00Rs 1,200.00

5 PCS Glass Bowl Nested Storage Bowl Lid Micro Oven Safe

Rs 1,650.00Rs 2,200.00

Wooden Lid Airtight Storage Jars Bottle

Rs 1,350.00Rs 1,600.00

Edible Glitter Powder Silver Pearl Powder Baking

Rs 265.00

Table Runner Bamboo Tableware Decoration Dining Table

Rs 1,700.00

Mini Bag Sealer Machine Tool

Rs 700.00

Eggs Frying Saucepan Non Stick Pan Cookware

Rs 3,200.00Rs 3,900.00

Paper Serviette Wooden Holder with Weighted Arm

Rs 960.00Rs 1,200.00

Fruit Basket Refrigerator Magnets Made of Ceramic

Rs 120.00

Baking Tray Rectangle Aluminum Cake Tray

Rs 790.00

Adjustable Cake Scraper Tools Cutter Decorating Mold

Rs 480.00

Loaf Pan Rectangle Toast Bread Tray Cake 10 Inch

Rs 650.00

12 PCs Cookies Cutters Stainless Steel Biscuit Chocolate

Rs 690.00Rs 900.00

Soup Cup Mug Porcelain with Spoon

Rs 750.00Rs 900.00

24 Head Stainless Steel Nozzle Cake Tool

Rs 600.00Rs 800.00

Silicone Food Writing Pen Cake Decor

Rs 750.00

Glass Spice Food Seasoning Storage Bottle 3 PCs Set

Rs 1,400.00Rs 2,200.00

Kitchen Strainer Handheld Screen Tea, Milk, Juice

Rs 450.00

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Round Mold Dough Pastry Cutter

Rs 550.00

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Lemon Lime Squeezer

Rs 1,750.00

Silicone Food Freezer Storage Bag Leak Proof

Rs 650.00

Silicone Kitchen Utensil Slotted Turner

Rs 300.00

Silicone Kitchen Cake Icing Split Spatula

Rs 350.00

Non Stick Oven Use Pizza Tray 9 inch

Rs 690.00

6/8/10 inch Spatula Icing Palette Knife - Curved

Rs 500.00Rs 800.00

Clear Glass Sealed Food Seasoning Bottle with Stainless Steel Lid

Rs 750.00

Whistling Water Kettle Stainless Steel 2.5 L Red

Rs 2,600.00Rs 3,200.00

Tri-Star Granite Stone Coated Aluminium Frypan 26 CM

Rs 4,750.00Rs 5,900.00

Towel Napkin Wall Hooks Hanger Plastic Holder 1 PC

Rs 500.00

Trapezoid Spatula Dough Scraper Plastic Cutter

Rs 370.00

Pantry Hook for Kitchen Hanging Towel 2Pc Set

Rs 700.00

Round Cake Non-stick Spring Form Baking Tray

Rs 1,690.00Rs 2,200.00

Piping Nozzles Cake Decorating Tools #1A, #1, #12

Rs 230.00

#1M Stainless Steel Nozzle Open Star Cake Icing Nozzle

Rs 240.00Rs 300.00

Measuring Cup Spoons Set 6 Pcs Plastic

Rs 375.00Rs 650.00