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Medi Care

First Aid Box Medical Home Family Medical Kit Box

Rs 1,450.00Rs 1,850.00

First Aid Antibacterial Plaster 20 Pcs

Rs 200.00

Disposable KN95 Face Mask Approved

Rs 35.00

Axe Brand Universal Oil - 3 ml

Rs 175.00

Disposable Face Mouth Masks 3 Layer Ply 10 Pcs Pack

Rs 120.00

1 Roll Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster 1/2 inch

Rs 175.00

Surgical Medical Bandage 2 PCs

Rs 150.00

Surgical Medical Cotton Wool 20 g

Rs 120.00

Britol Speed Dry 100 ml Spray Hand Sanitizer

Rs 250.00

1PC Roller Hand Finger Massage Tool for Circulation, Stress, Arthritis

Rs 225.00

Hand Spray Bottle Chemical Sanitizer Spray 250ml

Rs 180.00Rs 360.00

Pill Storage Box Weekly 7 days Organizer 21 Slots

Rs 950.00

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 210ml

Rs 270.00

Benice Electric Facial Steamer Vaporizer Deep Cleanser

Rs 4,850.00

Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Balm 5 g

Rs 55.00

Reusable Protective Face Mask

Rs 180.00

Adult Male Urine Bottle Spill Proof

Rs 550.00

Medicine Box A Week 28 Case Detachable Pill Box

Rs 1,100.00

Inginee Milk Powder 380 g

Rs 2,260.00

Scenic Oil Dietary Supplement

Rs 2,340.00

Clearing Nut Dietary Supplement

Rs 2,480.00

Spirulina Face Pack Herbal Skin Treatment 60 g

Rs 1,860.00

Nut Grass Hand Wash

Rs 295.00

Garcinia Cambogia Dietary Supplement

Rs 2,480.00

Spirulina Dietary Supplement

Rs 4,110.00

Withania Dietary Supplement

Rs 3,480.00

Moringa Dietary Supplement

Rs 1,370.00

Pumpkin Seed Dietary Supplement

Rs 4,110.00

Maha Sarshapadi Herbal Traditional Oil

Rs 120.00

Maha Siddhartha Herbal Oil for Nevus Disorder Chest Pain

Rs 140.00

Maha Nayayana Traditional Herbal Oil for Arthritis Nasya

Rs 140.00

Kechno Hand Sanitizer Covid Prevention

Rs 850.00Rs 1,200.00

Crepe Cotton Bandage First Aid Kits

Rs 200.00