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Hardware & Accessories

PVC Self Adhesive Caulking Sealing Tape for Kitchen Sink Toilet Bathroom Shower

Rs 600.00

Black Vinyl Electrical Insulation Tape Waterproof Self-adhesive

Rs 60.00

Sink Waterproof Self Adhesive Transparent Clear Tape

Rs 1,350.00

Glue Stick for Glue Gun 5 Pcs

Rs 300.00

Hot Glue Gun 220 V Home DIY

Rs 950.00Rs 1,200.00

25 meters long Duct Tape Width Silver Gray Color

Rs 790.00

Masking Tape 1 inch Single Side Tape Adhesive 20 m/roll

Rs 200.00

Electric Tester Screwdriver

Rs 120.00

Portable Chemical Pressure Garden Sprayer 1 L

Rs 750.00

Sink Cable Flexible Pickup Tool for Sink, Drain

Rs 690.00

Alteco Super Glue Adhesive 3 g

Rs 150.00

Thread Sealing Tape Water Pipe Sealing 2 PCS

Rs 80.00Rs 95.00

Curtain Hook & Eye Screw Set - 10 Pairs

Rs 150.00

Masking Tape 2 inch Single Side Tape 20 m/roll

Rs 250.00

Round Cotton Wick Kerosene Cooker Oil Lamp Wick Burner

Rs 300.00Rs 400.00

Non Slip Steel Handle Gardening Shear Scissor

Rs 1,800.00

100 PCS Plastic Wall Plug Screw Fixing

Rs 275.00

Stainless Steel Tower Bolt Latch for Door

Rs 200.00

SLON PVC Solvent Gum 75 g

Rs 350.00

Arlolditee 5 Minutes Rapid Epoxy Adhesive 2 x 17ml

Rs 400.00

Fine Tine Tack Nail 1/2 inch for Shoe Repair - 50 g

Rs 75.00

Hexagon Silicone Mold For Cement Tray

Rs 835.80

PVC Garden Tap White 1/2 inch

Rs 435.00

Combination Plier 7 Inch Hand Tool

Rs 875.00