Cleaning Supplies & Tissues

Sponge Scourer Double Side Layer 5PCs Pack

Rs 520.00Rs 650.00

Dash Glitz Dish Wash Bar Lime Fresh 100 g

Rs 45.00Rs 60.00

Dash Laundry Soap with Detergent 115 g x 2 PACK

Rs 250.00

Magic Sponge OKS Quick Clean Eraser 2 PCS

Rs 450.00

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Anti Scratch Highly Absorbent

Rs 600.00

Glass Wiper Cleaning Scraper for Window Car Wind Screen

Rs 350.00

6 Pcs/Sheet Non-woven Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Eco-friendly

Rs 300.00

Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer Gel, 50ml

Rs 350.00

Sunlight Laundry Washing Soap 115 g

Rs 120.00Rs 130.00

Keen Dishwashing Bar Fresh 100 g - Pack of 2

Rs 100.00Rs 110.00

Bliss Fresh Dish Wash Liquid Super Clean 500 ml

Rs 185.00Rs 190.00

Round Cotton Wick Kerosene Cooker Oil Lamp Wick Burner

Rs 300.00Rs 400.00

Magic Silicone Dish Washing Glove 1 Pair

Rs 750.00Rs 1,300.00

Nut Grass Hand Wash

Rs 295.00

Home Pantry 100% Cotton Checkered Grid Wiping Cloth 1 PC

Rs 190.00

Drain Cleaner Powder for Kitchen Sink Pipe Waste Lines 100 g

Rs 300.00

Kechno Hand Sanitizer Covid Prevention

Rs 850.00Rs 1,200.00

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 210ml

Rs 270.00

Bleaching Powder Excellent Stain Remover Home Use, 500 g

Rs 200.00

Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves Home Garden Cleaning

Rs 225.00

LIAO Micro Fiber Cloth 4 PCs Pack

Rs 1,400.00

Cif Bathroom Ultrafast Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

Cif Ultrafast Multiple with Bleach Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

Sunlight 2 in 1 Washing Powder 1kg

Rs 477.00Rs 530.00

Harpic Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner -500 ml

Rs 415.00

5 PCs Multi Purpose Fresh Cleaning Cloth for Glass Plate

Rs 550.00

Cif Floor Cleaner Lemon Fresh Orchid Ocean Blue 950 ml

Rs 950.00

Flora 2-Ply Household Kitchen Roll Paper Towels - Twin Pack

Rs 695.00

Flora Toilet Roll 2 Ply Soft Bathroom Tissue

Rs 215.00

CIF Cream Kitchen Dirt Remove Lemon Fresh 500 ml

Rs 690.00

Domex Toilet Cleaner Active Green Formula 500 ml

Rs 430.00

VIM Lime Fresh Dishwash Bar 100 g

Rs 35.00

Tiisol Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner -1.5X Extra Strong Extra Clean

Rs 185.00Rs 190.00

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Citrus 500Ml

Rs 335.00

Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Germ Protection Hand Sanitizer 100ml Liquid

Rs 350.00

Britol Speed Dry 100 ml Spray Hand Sanitizer

Rs 250.00

Hand Wash britol Germ Long-Lasting Protection 250 ml

Rs 215.00

Leo Life Pine Disinfectant 4L Home , Industral Care

Rs 950.00

Cif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

Oxypura Fridge Odour Remover Mr. Fresh

Rs 190.00

LIAO Sponge Scouring Pad 6 PCS Cleaning

Rs 750.00

LIAO Sponge Scouring Pad Pack of 4

Rs 500.00

LIAO Stainless Steel Scrubber - 4 PCS

Rs 850.00