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Household Essentials

Baking Paper Roll Non Stick For Caking Making 5 m

Rs 690.00

Zip Lock Bag Food Package Reusable 25 Bags

Rs 325.00

10 Pcs/Sheet Non-woven Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Eco-friendly

Rs 370.00

100pcs Disposable PE Gloves Cooking Hand Gloves

Rs 250.00Rs 300.00

Diamond Aluminum Foil Roll for Food Dessert Wrapping 25 Sq Ft

Rs 600.00Rs 790.00

Rectangular Microwave Plastic Food Lunch Box 10 PCs Pack

Rs 450.00

Stainless Steel Straws with Cleaning Brush

Rs 600.00

Falcons Cling Film For Food Wrapping 18 Inch Width

Rs 650.00

Reusable Rubber Hand Gloves Home Garden Cleaning

Rs 225.00

LIAO Sponge Scouring Pad 6 PCS Cleaning

Rs 750.00

LIAO Micro Fiber Cloth 4 PCs Pack

Rs 1,250.00

Silicone Food Freezer Storage Bag Leak Proof

Rs 650.00

1PC Short Candle for Special events, Dining Table 3.5 Inch

Rs 140.00

Flora 2-Ply Household Kitchen Roll Paper Towels - Twin Pack

Rs 640.00

Singer All Purpose Oil 60 ml

Rs 175.00

Paper Bag with Handle for Gift - 10 Pcs

Rs 550.00

Plastic Disposable Food Container Cup 50 Cups

Rs 1,200.00

Dustbin Bags XL Size Garbage Trash Bag -10 Bags

Rs 350.00

First Aid Antibacterial Plaster 20 Pcs

Rs 200.00

Bleaching Powder Excellent Stain Remover Home Use, 500 g

Rs 200.00

Disposable KN95 Face Mask Approved

Rs 35.00

5 PCs Multi Purpose Fresh Cleaning Cloth for Glass Plate

Rs 550.00

BBQ Bamboo Skewer Grill Shish Kabob Wood Stick - 12 Inch

Rs 250.00

Toshiba AA Super Heavy Duty 1.5 V Battery ( 2 Pack)

Rs 140.00

Magic Silicone Dish Washing Glove 1 Pair

Rs 750.00Rs 1,300.00

Falcon Cling Wrap Food Cover 12 inch

Rs 475.00

Toshiba AAA Heavy Duty 1.5 V Battery ( 2 Pack)

Rs 140.00

CIF Cream Kitchen Dirt Remove Lemon Fresh 500 ml

Rs 690.00

Cif Ultrafast Kitchen Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

10 PCs Aluminium Foil Rectangular Container 8 x 4 in, 750 ml

Rs 500.00

Drain Cleaner Powder for Kitchen Sink Pipe Waste Lines 100 g

Rs 300.00

Shopping Bag without Handle White Disposable Polythene - 100 Nos

Rs 600.00

25 meters long Duct Tape Width Silver Gray Color

Rs 790.00

Retractable Durable Stainless Steel Paper Cutter 18mm

Rs 250.00Rs 300.00

Flora Cotton Bud Swabs Ear Buds round Box of 100 Sticks

Rs 98.00

10 inch Stainless Steel Household Scissor

Rs 700.00

Toothpicks Disposable Wooden Home Family Use

Rs 60.00

LIAO Sponge Scouring Pad Pack of 4

Rs 500.00

Cupcake Cups with Dome Lids 250 ml -25 Pack

Rs 1,000.00

Polythene Packing Strong Clear Plastic Sheet

Rs 220.00

Domex Toilet Cleaner Active Green Formula 500 ml

Rs 430.00

Disposable Face Mouth Masks 3 Layer Ply 10 Pcs Pack

Rs 120.00

8 Inch BBQ Bamboo Skewer Grill Shish Kabob Wood Stick

Rs 200.00

LIAO Stainless Steel Scrubber - 4 PCS

Rs 850.00

Stainless Steel Retraceable Utility Paper Cutter

Rs 890.00

Plastic Straws Disposable for Party - 100Pcs Pack

Rs 350.00

Safety Pin Stainless Steel DIY Accessories 2 Sets

Rs 35.00

Take way Lunch Box Pack Sweet Box 25PCS/Lot

Rs 450.00

Flora Toilet Roll 2 Ply Soft Bathroom Tissue

Rs 215.00

VIM Lime Fresh Dishwash Bar 100 g

Rs 35.00

Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Citrus 500Ml

Rs 335.00

Spiral Candle for Special Events Dining Table Candle 8 Inch

Rs 450.00Rs 600.00

Brightex Stainless Steel Scouring Pad - 2PCs

Rs 130.00

Tiisol Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner -1.5X Extra Strong Extra Clean

Rs 185.00Rs 190.00

Pure Natural Areca Palm Leaf Plates 10/12 inch Round - Set Pack (25)

Rs 990.00Rs 1,100.00

Hand Wash britol Germ Long-Lasting Protection 250 ml

Rs 215.00

Curtain Hook & Eye Screw Set - 10 Pairs

Rs 150.00

Cif Ultrafast Multiple with Bleach Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

Fresh Napthalene Balls White 100 g Pack

Rs 135.00

Disposable Bubble Tea Cup Clear Plastic Cups with Dome Lids 20 Pcs Pack

Rs 600.00

Britol Speed Dry 100 ml Spray Hand Sanitizer

Rs 250.00

Keen Dishwashing Bar Fresh 100 g - Pack of 2

Rs 100.00Rs 110.00

Round Cotton Wick Kerosene Cooker Oil Lamp Wick Burner

Rs 300.00Rs 400.00

Pillar Candle 8 inch Unscented Handmade Weddings, Home Decoration, Restaurants 1PC

Rs 950.00

Cif Floor Cleaner Lemon Fresh Orchid Ocean Blue 950 ml

Rs 950.00

Disposable Tissue Paper Serviette Fold Paper Towels

Rs 250.00

Paper Straws Eco Friendly Use - 50 Pcs Pack

Rs 600.00

Large Foldable Reusable Grocery Tote Bags Shopping Bags

Rs 150.00

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 210ml

Rs 270.00

500 ml Plastic Disposable Food Container Cup 25 Cups

Rs 675.00

XL Size Paper Bag with Handle - 10 Pcs

Rs 650.00

Sunlight 2 in 1 Washing Powder 1kg

Rs 530.00

Lifebuoy Hand Wash 100% Protection Refill 180 ml

Rs 225.00Rs 250.00

Globe Original Pressing Brass Padlock With 3 keys

Rs 450.00

Compostable Single Use Areca Palm Leaf Plates Round (25 pack)

Rs 700.00Rs 875.00

Hand Wash Lifebuoy Germ Protection 200 ml

Rs 525.00

6 Pcs/Sheet Non-woven Kitchen Cleaning Cloth Eco-friendly

Rs 260.00

Wax Pillar Scented Candle 3.5 Inch Vanila

Rs 425.00

Paper Bag with Handle for Gift A4 - 10 Pcs

Rs 400.00

Cif Bathroom Ultrafast Spray 450 ML

Rs 850.00

Flora 2-Ply Facial Tissue Box 160 Sheets

Rs 425.00

Leo Life Pine Disinfectant 4L Home , Industral Care

Rs 950.00

Oxypura Fridge Odour Remover Mr. Fresh

Rs 190.00

15 PCS Ziplock Bag Food Package Reusable Leakproof

Rs 400.00Rs 600.00

Harpic Ultrashine Toilet Cleaner -500 ml

Rs 245.00

Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Germ Protection Hand Sanitizer 100ml Liquid

Rs 350.00

Lunch Sheet Eco Friendly Compositable 100 Sheets Pack

Rs 250.00

Dash Glitz Dish Wash Bar Lime Fresh 100 g

Rs 45.00Rs 60.00

Dash Laundry Soap with Detergent 115 g x 2 PACK

Rs 250.00

IRIS Home Fragrance Vaporizer Set with Two Tea Light Candles - Amber Rose

Rs 1,050.00

Magic Sponge OKS Quick Clean Eraser 2 PCS

Rs 450.00

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Anti Scratch Highly Absorbent

Rs 600.00

Glass Wiper Cleaning Scraper for Window Car Wind Screen

Rs 350.00