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Knitting & Sewing

Crochet Wool Strip Cotton for Knitting

Rs 450.00

1.5m Body Measuring Ruler Sewing Tailor Tape

Rs 70.00

10pcs/pack Multi Colour Sewing Thread Embroidery 200 Yards

Rs 280.00

Singer All Purpose Oil 60 ml

Rs 175.00

10 M Pack Elastic Band Tape Sewing

Rs 120.00

4 pcs Colorful Erasable Fabric Tailors Chalk

Rs 225.00

Crochet Needles Wool Weaving 6 Pcs Set

Rs 890.00

Sewing Needles 25pcs/box Assorted

Rs 120.00

Jute Ribbon Rolls Decor 2M Natural

Rs 500.00

Sewing Machine Industrial Polyester Thread Cone

Rs 280.00

Trimmer Cross-stitch Clipper Snip Thread Cutter

Rs 320.00Rs 420.00

Baby Cotton Design Cashmere Yarn For Hand Knitting Crochet Wool

Rs 450.00

Dress Making Pin 40 Pin in a wheel

Rs 60.00

5pcs/lot Bobbin Domestic Sewing Machine

Rs 150.00

Velcro Self Adhesive Tape White 5 m roll

Rs 350.00Rs 500.00

10 inch Stainless Steel Household Scissor

Rs 700.00

1Pc Household Metal Sewing Machine Bobbin Steel Case

Rs 250.00

Sewing Mark Chalk Pencil Free Cutting 6 Pcs

Rs 550.00

10 PCs Mini Wooden Clips For Photo Memo Clothespin Crafting

Rs 275.00

Cross Stitch Sewing Embroidery Thread Assorted

Rs 170.00

1Pc 2mm DIY Stitch Clothes Sewing Spacer Over stitch Wheel

Rs 150.00

Singer Needles 2020 Size 90/14 - 5 Units

Rs 240.00

10pcs/pack Black White Sewing Thread 200 Yards

Rs 280.00

Square Alphabet Wooden Beads Square

Rs 190.00

Ladybug Wood Shape Sewing Buttons Crafting 20 PCs Mixed

Rs 225.00

Smiley Face Wood Sewing Buttons Crafting 20 PCs Mixed

Rs 225.00

Punch Needle Set Embroidery Stitching Craft Tool for DIY Sewing

Rs 1,200.00

Singer Needles 2020 Size 100/16 - 5 Units

Rs 240.00

Cross Stitch Fabric DIY Stitching Embroidery

Rs 850.00

Mini Wooden Number Clips For Educational Pre School Art

Rs 490.00Rs 650.00

Colour Sewing Industrial Polyester Thread

Rs 175.00

Knitting Crochet kit Needle Clip Hook Plastic Knit Stitch tool

Rs 650.00

Bunny Wood Sewing Buttons Crafting 20 PCs Mixed

Rs 225.00

Butterfly Shape Wooden Sewing Buttons Crafting 15 PCs Mixed

Rs 225.00

Baby Bamboo Cotton Knitting Wool Yarn Needlework Crafting

Rs 300.00

Cross Stitch Kits Stamped Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kits for Beginners

Rs 1,950.00

Plain Nylon Stitch Thread Reel

Rs 150.00