Serving Plate & Dish

Soup Cup Mug Porcelain with Spoon

Rs 900.00Rs 1,080.00

White Square Set Opal Glassware Dish 2PCS Set

Rs 1,260.00Rs 1,440.00

Stainless Steel Food Lunch Box Double Deck

Rs 1,740.00

1000 ml Clear Glass Measuring Cup Pour Heat Resistant

Rs 5,220.00

Opal Rectangular Bakeware Baking Serving Dish

Rs 2,520.00

Opal Oval Bakeware Baking Serving Dish

Rs 2,112.00Rs 2,640.00

Tableware Ceramic Serving Dinner Dish Desert Plate 8 Inch

Rs 1,680.00

Retro Melamine Plate Round Shape Tableware

Rs 450.00

Soup Cup Bowl White Ceramic with Double Ears

Rs 1,140.00

3 PCs Dipping Sauce Dishes Round Dipping Bowls with Platter

Rs 4,380.00

Glass Lunch Box Borosilicate Glass Oven Save 680 ml

Rs 1,980.00Rs 2,640.00

Glass Lunch Box with two Compartment for office & Kids

Rs 2,880.00Rs 4,200.00

Melamine Banana Leaf Serving Tray Break Resistant

Rs 1,440.00

Oval Porcelain Serving Dish for Curry Side Dish

Rs 1,500.00

Spoon Rest Fish Shape Serving Plate - 2PCS set

Rs 1,320.00

Glass Food Storage Box Glass Box Micro Oven Safe 3...

Rs 5,400.00

Melamine Rectangular Serving Plate Break-resistant and Lightweight 2 PCs Set

Rs 648.00Rs 720.00

Plastic Butter Dish Kitchen 19 cm x 10 cm

Rs 780.00

Food Warmer Thermo School Lunch Box Insulated Food Container

Rs 1,620.00

Stainless Steel Heavy Gauge Round Plate 12 Inch

Rs 1,860.00

Glass Butter Dish with Glass Lid & Grip Handle

Rs 1,440.00

Dip Bowls Sauce Dessert Dipping Glass Dish - 4PCS Set

Rs 1,200.00

Borosilicate Glass Bowl Micro Oven Safe Mixing Bowl 1.5 L

Rs 3,540.00

Glass Candy Pot Dish Sugar Bowl Crystal Clear

Rs 1,020.00Rs 1,440.00

Serving Tray Rectangular Plastic Anti-slip Scratch Resistance

Rs 948.00

Porcelain Serving Small bowls for Ice Cream, Dessert

Rs 1,740.00

6 PCS Glass Bowl Set Dessert, Ice Cream Bowl

Rs 2,760.00Rs 3,360.00

6 pc Ceramic Cup Sauce Ice Cream Dessert Bowls

Rs 3,120.00

Porcelain Dipping Bowls with Handles for Side Dish

Rs 480.00

Single Layer Thermo School Lunch Box Insulated Food Container

Rs 1,620.00

Glass Fruit Serving Glassware Plate Tray

Rs 1,500.00Rs 2,100.00

Leaf Shaped Fruit Bowl Plastic Candy Dish Melon Tray

Rs 588.00

Oval Porcelain Bowls for Ice Cream, Dessert, White Set 2

Rs 2,280.00

Stainless Steel Curry Serving Bowl 24 cm

Rs 576.00Rs 720.00

Melamine Curry Serving Bowl Round Shape Tableware

Rs 480.00

Opal Glassware Serving Desert Dish Dinnerware

Rs 540.00Rs 1,440.00

Glass Lunch Box with Three Compartment Storage Lunch Box

Rs 3,480.00

Ceramic Platter with Wooden Tray Gradient Water Texture

Rs 2,700.00Rs 3,000.00

1 PC Opal Square Glassware Curry Dish 7.5 inch

Rs 1,920.00

Porcelain Bowls for Snacks, Rice, Condiments, Side Dishes, Ice Cream...

Rs 2,520.00

6 PCS Glass Bowl Set Salad Bowl

Rs 2,220.00Rs 3,120.00

Melamine Dinner Plate Round Shape 10 inch

Rs 420.00

Melamine Dinner Plate Square Shape 10 inch

Rs 780.00

Porcelain Dipping Bowls Sauce Dish

Rs 660.00

Stainless Steel Heavy Gauge Rectangular Tray 30 x 20 cm

Rs 2,052.00Rs 2,280.00

Soup Spoon Melamine White

Rs 360.00