Hand Tools

Sink Cable Flexible Pickup Tool for Sink, Drain

Rs 900.00

48 in 1 Socket Wrench Multifunction Universal Tool

Rs 2,220.00Rs 2,640.00

Electric Tester Screwdriver

Rs 204.00

Combination Plier 8 Inch Hand Tool

Rs 1,260.00

Welding Goggles Cutting Grinding with Flip up Glasses

Rs 900.00

Soldering Iron 40W AC 230 V Welding Repair Tool

Rs 1,860.00Rs 2,640.00

Tire Repair Tool Kit with 7 Tyre Puncture Plug

Rs 1,500.00

Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool 8" / 10" / 12"...

Rs 1,440.00

Silicone Gun Caulking Gun Hand Tool

Rs 1,800.00Rs 2,640.00

Nose Plier Need Nose 6 Inch

Rs 720.00

38 Socket Screw Driver Ratchet Wrench Repair Mini Tool Set

Rs 4,329.60Rs 4,920.00

Adjustable Universal Wrench Multi Function 2PCS Set

Rs 3,060.00Rs 3,840.00

Hacksaw Frame with Blade

Rs 1,020.00