Rs 2000 to Rs 3000

2 Blades French Fries Potato Chopper Slicer

Rs 3,420.00Rs 3,600.00

25 Pcs Wedding Cake Cutter & Steel Tray

Rs 3,180.00

3PCS Non-stick Pizza Pan Bakeware 9/10/12 Inch

Rs 3,180.00Rs 3,360.00

3W Rechargeable LED Light Lantern Emergency Light

Rs 3,300.00Rs 3,840.00

4 Tier Shoe Rack Plastic Black Design

Rs 3,300.00Rs 3,900.00

5 PCS Furniture Appliance Convenient Mover Hand Tool

Rs 3,420.00Rs 3,840.00

5 PCS Glass Bowl Nested Storage Bowl Lid Micro Oven...

Rs 2,700.00Rs 3,360.00

50mm Width Box Tape Sealing Manual Packing

Rs 2,940.00

6 pc Ceramic Cup Sauce Ice Cream Dessert Bowls

Rs 3,120.00

6 PCS Glass Bowl Set Dessert, Ice Cream Bowl

Rs 2,760.00Rs 3,360.00

6 PCS Set Wine Glass for Drinking Beverage, Fruit Juice

Rs 3,024.00Rs 3,360.00

6 PCS Stainless Steel Dinner Silver Finish Fork Cutlery

Rs 2,880.00

6 Pcs Washable PVC Table Mats for Dining Table -...

Rs 2,950.80Rs 3,840.00

Ab-Roller Wheel for Abdominal & Stomach Exercise Training

Rs 2,640.00Rs 3,960.00

Adjustable Universal Wrench Multi Function 2PCS Set

Rs 3,060.00Rs 3,840.00

Adjustable Wrench Spanner Hand Tool 8" / 10" / 12"...

Rs 1,440.00

ARALDITE Fast Setting Epoxy Adhesive RAPID 175 ml

Rs 2,640.00

Artificial Christmas Tree PVC with Tri Pot

Rs 2,400.00

Baby Infant Wrap Carrier Backpack 3.5 - 9 Kg Capacity

Rs 2,940.00

Bed Sheet Brown Cotton Satin Striped 2 Pillow Covers 90...

Rs 3,540.00

Bed Sheet Green Cotton Satin Striped 2 Pillow Covers 90...

Rs 3,540.00

Bed Sheet Magenta Cotton Satin Striped 2 Pillow Covers 90...

Rs 2,520.00Rs 3,540.00

Bed Sheet Maroon Cotton Satin Striped With 2 Pillow Covers...

Rs 3,420.00

Bed Sheet Navy Blue Cotton Satin Striped 90 x 90

Rs 3,540.00

Bed Sheet Pink Cotton Satin Striped 2 pillow Covers 90...

Rs 3,000.00Rs 3,240.00

Bed Sheet Printed Green Check Strip - 3PCS Set

Rs 2,700.00Rs 3,480.00

Bed Sheet Printed Grey Black Mix Design - 3 PCS...

Rs 3,480.00

Bed Sheet Printed Mix Check Beige Design - 3 PCS...

Rs 2,940.00Rs 3,300.00

Bed Sheet White Cotton With 2 Pillow Covers 90 x...

Rs 3,540.00Rs 3,960.00

Birthday Celebration Gift Card

Rs 1,200.00

Bluetooth Speaker Mini Portable Speaker

Rs 3,360.00Rs 3,840.00

Borosilicate Glass Bowl Micro Oven Safe Mixing Bowl 1.5 L

Rs 3,540.00

Broom Holder Wall Mounted Hooks & Mop Organizer

Rs 2,940.00

Burning Art Lord Buddha Photo 18 x 12 inch

Rs 3,000.00Rs 3,600.00

Canister Coffee, Tea Milk Powder & Sugar Storage Set -...

Rs 9,000.00

Cardamom Powder - එනසාල් කුඩු Bulk

Rs 3,000.00

Ceramic Platter with Wooden Tray Gradient Water Texture

Rs 2,700.00Rs 3,000.00

Cold Water Jug Glass Pitcher With Stainless Steel Lid

Rs 3,540.00Rs 3,960.00

Cosmetic Storage Box for Makeup Accessories

Rs 3,120.00Rs 4,200.00

Crescent Rechargeable Flashlight Torch 5W

Rs 2,640.00

Cutting Board Organic Bamboo Chopping with Juice Groove

Rs 3,120.00

Decorative Center Piece for Coffee Table - 4 PCS

Rs 2,400.00


Rs 720.00

Dunlop Cricket Tennis Ball 3 PCS

Rs 3,480.00

ecoRise A4 Photocopy Paper 70 GSM

Rs 3,264.00Rs 4,080.00

Electric Head Acupoint Massager Rechargeable Battery

Rs 3,360.00Rs 3,960.00

Fiber Framed Burning Art Lord Buddha Photo 18*12 inch

Rs 3,000.00Rs 3,600.00

Fiber Framed Hard Board Laser Engraving Mother Love Theme 18...

Rs 3,000.00Rs 3,600.00

Fluted Tube Non Stick Large Bundt Pan for Baking, Breudher...

Rs 2,940.00

Garlic Storage Vented Ceramic Container

Rs 3,180.00

Glass Bottle 3 PCs Set with Plastic Lid 580 ml...

Rs 2,940.00

Glass Lunch Box with Three Compartment Storage Lunch Box

Rs 3,480.00

Glass Lunch Box with two Compartment for office & Kids

Rs 2,880.00Rs 4,200.00

Glass Teapot With Filter under Plastic Bottom 1 L

Rs 2,820.00

Glass Water Juice Milk Jug Heat Resistant with Plastic Lid...

Rs 3,540.00

Greatnice GTS-1173 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Rs 2,700.00Rs 3,000.00

HACHI Hopper Pan Non-Stick with Stainless Steel Lid 16 cm

Rs 2,820.00

Head & Shoulders Clean and Balanced Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 720ml

Rs 2,940.00

Heavy Duty Aluminium Rectangular Non-stick Baking Tray

Rs 2,280.00

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Kitchen Lemon Lime Squeezer

Rs 2,640.00

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Flavor - 680 g

Rs 2,970.00Rs 3,540.00

Ice Cream Dessert Glass Cup 6 PCS Set

Rs 3,300.00Rs 3,840.00

Irish Coffee Glass Ice Coffee Cocktail Mug Cup Set 6...

Rs 3,480.00

L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Shower Gel for Men 300...

Rs 3,060.00

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Doccia Mountain Water Shower...

Rs 3,060.00


Rs 360.00

Mechanical Personal Scale 120 Kg CAMRY

Rs 3,180.00Rs 3,840.00

Milk Pitcher Pot Brown Mat Finish Porcelain Ceramic

Rs 2,640.00

Milk Pot Non Stick Pan 10 cm

Rs 2,520.00

Milk Pot Pitcher Black Mat Finish Ceramic

Rs 2,640.00

Milk Pot Saucepan Stainless Steel 14 CM

Rs 3,000.00Rs 3,600.00

Milk Pot Saucepan Stainless Steel 16 CM

Rs 3,480.00Rs 4,200.00

Milk Shake Cup Glass 2 PCS Set

Rs 2,520.00

Newborn Baby Handprint Footprint Oil Painting Ink Pad Photo Souvenir

Rs 2,916.00Rs 3,240.00

Non Slip Steel Handle Gardening Shear Scissor

Rs 2,640.00

Non Stick Kokis Mould Achu Steel

Rs 2,520.00

Non-stick Pan Mini Milk Pot 11 cm / 500 ml

Rs 3,180.00

Non-stick Pan Mini Milk Pot 12 cm

Rs 3,360.00

Non-stick Pan Mini Milk Pot 9 cm / 400 ml

Rs 3,000.00

Number Alphabet Letter Capital Biscuit Stamp Mold Cookie Cutters

Rs 2,640.00

Ocean 325 ml Pop Up Jar with Glass Lid -...

Rs 3,180.00

Odiris Coconut Scraper Grater Kitchen Tool B5

Rs 3,120.00

Odiris Coconut Scraper Grater Kitchen Tool with Small Blade A8

Rs 3,540.00Rs 3,840.00

OPA Green Tea Full Leaf Tea

Rs 480.00

Opal Rectangular Bakeware Baking Serving Dish

Rs 2,520.00

Oval Glass Dish Roaster Bakeware 1.5 L

Rs 2,784.00Rs 3,480.00

Phoenix Kitchen Storage Vegetable Rack

Rs 3,024.00Rs 3,360.00

Phoenix Plate Dish Rack Convenient Kitchen Storage

Rs 2,820.00Rs 4,320.00

Pie Dish Tempered Glass Round Oven Bakeware 9 Inch

Rs 3,180.00

Pillar Candle Scented Handmade 3.5 Inch

Rs 2,436.00

Placemats Set of 6 for Dining Table Washable - Brown...

Rs 2,880.00

Pooja Brass Kamatchi Vilakku Oil Lamp

Rs 2,760.00

Porcelain Bowls for Snacks, Rice, Condiments, Side Dishes, Ice Cream...

Rs 2,520.00

Printed Grey Multi Colour Bed Sheet Set - 3PCS

Rs 2,940.00

Push up Stand Push Up Bar Fitness Exercises Gym Workout

Rs 2,640.00Rs 3,840.00

PVC Table Mat Set of 6 for Dining Table Washable...

Rs 3,480.00

PVC Vinyl Table Washable Plastic Place mat - 6 PCS...

Rs 3,240.00

Rectangular Bamboo Tissue Box Dispenser

Rs 2,700.00